Cancer Imaging and Engineering Innovative Working Group

The goal of the Cancer Imaging and Engineering Innovative Working Group is to develop and apply advances in technology to the understanding, prevention, detection, diagnosis, and successful treatment of cancer. The CIE IWG uniquely brings together technology developers, cancer biologists, health professionals, and data scientists to iteratively motivate technology innovation and develop novel applications.

  • Creating and applying novel imaging and sensing hardware, software, and contrast agents to accelerate discovery, enhance diagnosis, and guide intervention.
  • Furthering the fields of tissue engineering, tumor mechanobiology, tumor mechanopathology, and realistic tumor models for improved understanding of cancer.
  • Developing and applying new computational techniques including artificial intelligence and machine learning, for modeling of cancer and analysis/ interpretation of sensor and image data.


Shear wave elastography detects novel imaging biomarkers of aromatase inhibitor-induced joint pain: a pilot study. 

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Quantitative metric for assessment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma treatment response in T1-weighted gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. 

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PMID: 33367272 Free PMC article.


Pilot Study: Texture Analysis of PET Imaging Demonstrates Changes in 18F-FDG Uptake of the Brain After Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation. 

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Investigation of confocal microscopy for differentiation of renal cell carcinoma versus benign tissue. Can an optical biopsy be performed? 

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Smartphone based on-chip fluorescence imaging and capillary flow velocity measurement for detecting ROR1+ cancer cells from buffy coat blood samples on dual-layer paper microfluidic chip. 

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Positive Predictive Value of Tomosynthesis-guided Biopsies of Architectural Distortions Seen on Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and without an Ultrasound Correlate. 

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Human stroma and epithelium co-culture in a microfluidic model of a human prostate gland. 

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Small form factor, flexible, dual-modality handheld probe for smartphone-based, point-of-care oral and oropharyngeal cancer screening. 

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Mechanosensing during directed cell migration requires dynamic actin polymerization at focal adhesions. 

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Quantification of multiphoton and fluorescence images of reproductive tissues from a mouse ovarian cancer model shows promise for early disease detection. 

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Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer Evaluation by Magnetic Resonance Imaging after Neoadjuvant Therapy on Decision Making: Cancer Center Experience and Literature Review. 

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Quantification of Vaporised Targeted Nanodroplets Using High-Frame-Rate Ultrasound and Optics. 

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Evaluating healthcare practitioners' views on store-and-forward teledermoscopy services for the diagnosis of skin cancer. 

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Point-of-care, smartphone-based, dual-modality, dual-view, oral cancer screening device with neural network classification for low-resource communities. 

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Intraoperative brain tumor resection with indocyanine green using augmented microscopy. 

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A Novel Metal-Based Imaging Probe for Targeted Dual-Modality SPECT/MR Imaging of Angiogenesis. 

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Emerging Breast Imaging Technologies on the Horizon. 

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