Phillip H. Kuo, MD, PhD

Phillip H. Kuo M.D., PhD. graduated in chemistry from Harvard University and then earned an MD/PhD from the University of Virginia. Post-graduate training included residency in Internal Medicine at UCLA, fellowship in Nuclear Medicine and residency in Radiology at Yale. He has board certifications in Nuclear Medicine, Radiology, Internal Medicine, and Nuclear Cardiology. He is Professor (ten.) of Medical Imaging, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Arizona. He currently serves as the Chief of Nuclear Medicine and Program Director for the Nuclear Radiology Fellowship. Scientific interests span basic, translational and clinical research in molecular imaging.

Cancer Focus

Supporting the numerous cancer clinical trials that utilize nuclear medicine (PET and SPECT) is a major role for me as chief of nuclear medicine. I have assisted in the development of novel MRI techniques for molecular imaging of tumors. Designing theranostic trials most recently for prostate cancer is also an area of expertise. I am grateful to the Arizona Cancer Center for funding my investigator-initiated therapeutic trial for post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment, "chemo-brain."

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Phillip H. Kuo, MD, PhD