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Our member researchers are fueled by wonder. Our work inspires wonder in science across disciplines. Our researchers lives follow their wonder. From each inquiry comes a test, a trial. Wonder challenges standing assumptions and breaks barriers thought indestructible.

It changes our world for the better with each question and discovery. Wonder drives us to imagine a world once unimaginable - a world without cancer. We invite you to join us on our journey by fueling wonder to make the imagined real.

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Elaine Cunningham, Sr. Director of Development
Email: elainecunningham@arizona.edu
Phone: 520-626-7130
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Wonder Makes our Curiosity Bloom

Funding Priorities

Funding priorities for the University of Arizona Cancer Center include re-envisioning and remodeling existing lab spaces, providing seed funding for game-changing research, and helping to recruit top talent from across the nation and throughout the world.

Microscope Image of Cancer Cells on a Chip

Funding Priorities