Funding Priorities

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Lab Renovations

The University of Arizona Cancer Center wants to provide cutting-edge workspaces for current and prospective members. This funding priority represents a vision of lab spaces that promote teamwork between members. These "hive" like spaces will be more efficient, open concept laboratories that can house multidisciplinary research teams to foster innovation and collaboration.


Faculty Recruitment

The University of Arizona Cancer Center is working to attract world class cancer researchers who strive for excellence and always prioritize the cancer needs of Arizonans, with particular emphasis on people with adverse social determinants of health in the catchment area. We are investing in the next generation of leaders by preparing early-stage basic and translational investigators for productive research careers.

Plant Seeds

Seed Funding

Seed funding is at the heart of cancer research. Seed funding directly fuels wonder, it allows our researchers to pursue answers to the biggest questions in cancer research. Seed funding supports innovative ideas, fosters collaboration, and empowers researchers to make breakthroughs in the fight against cancer. This investment in innovative ideas and emerging talent can bring us closer to beating cancer.