Hina Arif-Tiwari, MD, FSAR

Professor, Medical Imaging
Vice Chair, Clinical Affairs


Dr. Arif-Tiwari completed medical school at Barkatullah University where she was awarded the Gold Medal and the President of India awards for excellence. She earned her medical degree in Radiodiagnosis at NSCB Medical College in Jabalpur, India. Dr. Arif-Tiwari has completed several advanced imaging fellowships including an Abdominal Fellowship at the University of British Columbia and an MRI Translational Science and Imaging Fellowship at the University of Arizona. Dr. Arif is a Professor and Chief of Abdominal Imaging in the UArizona College of Medicine and Banner University Medicine. 

Cancer Focus

Dr. Arif-Tiwari’s mission is to improve the health outcomes of patients with severe and life-threatening abdomino-pelvic conditions. She specializes in the use of advanced MRI techniques for biopsies and cancer interventions. Dr. Arif-Tiwari’s areas of research include rectal cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer. Dr. Arif leads a team who are developing a highly accurate method for prostate biopsies. Her recent UArizona Cancer Center grant involves the testing of immunotherapies for efficacy in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. She leads multiple clinical trials and has specific expertise in the diagnosis and management of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

Research Program Role
Clinical and Translational Oncology Program

Display Name
Hina Arif-Tiwari, MD, FSAR