Breast Cancer Innovative Working Group


Innovative Working Group

The Breast Cancer Innovative Working Group translates discovery about fundamental breast cancer mechanisms to the clinical setting. The three goals of the initiative are:

  • To investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis
  • To promote collaboration among scientists and clinicians with diverse expertise to enhance discovery, diagnosis and treatment
  • To promote the translation of discoveries to clinical application in the form of new targeted therapies, biomarkers and diagnostics

Members of Our Innovative Working Group

Janet L Funk, MD

Vice Chair of Research, Department of Medicine
Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology
Professor, School of Nutritional Science and Wellness
Cancer Biology Program

William R Montfort, PhD

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry-Sci
Professor, BIO5 Institute
Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Professor, Applied Mathematics - GIDP
Professor, Cancer Biology - GIDP
Professor, Genetics - GIDP
Clinical and Translational Oncology Program