The Breast Cancer Innovative Working Group is designed to incorporate an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms in breast cancer metastasis, with a focus on translating these discoveries to the clinic. The three goals of the initiative are:

  • To investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis.
  • To promote collaborative interactions among scientists and clinicians with diverse expertise in order to enhance discovery, diagnosis and treatment.
  • To promote the translation of discoveries to clinical application in the form of new targeted therapies, biomarkers and diagnostics.

To address the aims of the program, we will focus on ways to enhance the science and collaborations among members through funding initiatives and recruitment of outstanding investigators to the University of Arizona, especially those with clinical trials expertise. We will promote the translational development of basic science through the engagement of shared resources and programs within the center. This will be developed through collaborative grants and publications, bringing together our shared expertise in breast cancer.