Todd W Vanderah, PhD


Dr. Vanderah is a Professor and Head of Pharmacology, College of Medicine, at the University of Arizona. He has worked in the area of Neuropharmacology for over 20 years that has resulted in 170 peer-reviewed publications and continual NIH funding since his appointment and is the author of three Neuroscience Text Books. Dr. Vanderah did his PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the UofA. He did his Post-doctoral Fellowship at the University of Colorado where he learned electrophysiology studying the effects of alcohol on ion channels/G-proteins. He worked for 4.5 years with a small pharmaceutical company, Ferring Inc., where he developed several novel drugs that are commercially available.

Cancer Focus

Dr. Vanderah's research focuses on identifying novel molecular targets on pain pathways in order to attenuate acute and chronic pain while reducing unwanted side effects. Studies include trying to identify the source of metastatic bone cancer pain and treatments that may inhibit such pain. His studies have investigated several novel mechanisms that may drive pain in long-bones of the body due to cancer including a transporter termed system Xc. His studies have investigated novel synthetic cannabinoids that are non-psychotropic but act to inhibit pain and may slow bone loss. Currently, Dr. Vanderah is working with Dr. Chalasani to run a clinical trial with a cannabinoid in advanced metastatic pain patients.

Research Program Role
Cancer Biology Program

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Todd W Vanderah, PhD