Mohab Ibrahim, MD, PhD

Associate Professor, Anetshesiology


I have been interested in developing ways to understand and manage acute and chronic pain. I geared my education towards that goal. After finishing my undergraduate in biochemistry, I obtained my master's and a doctorate in pharmacology and toxicology with emphasis on neuropathic pain and cannabinoids. I then joined medical school. After my surgical prelim year and a residency in anesthesiology, I completed a fellowship in chronic pain management. My goal is to research clinical problems about pain we face as pain physicians in a laboratory then translate the findings to the clinic. My ultimate goal is to find complementary methods to manage pain and decrease reliance on opioids. 

Cancer Focus

Cancer is one of the most profound medical conditions. It is a multi-dimensional condition. Controlling pain in cancer patients has been shown to prolong life and improve it. I focus my cancer research on the pain component associated with cancer and cancer metastasis. My approach is to collaborate with other specialties, mainly pharmacology and oncology, to identify clinically difficult conditions to manage, tackle such conditions in a laboratory setting, then translate our findings to clinical practice. Ultimately, I hope to find ways to manage cancer pain with less reliance on opioids. Cancer is a multi-dimensional condition and addressing cancer is similarly a multimodal approach. 

Research Program Role
Clinical and Translational Oncology Program

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Mohab Ibrahim, MD, PhD