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Nikon SoRa Spinning-Disk Confocal Microscope

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Instrument Description

Instrument Features

The Nikon "SoRa" system is our most advanced spinning-disk confocal and merges the advantages of confocal imaging with a 2x increase in resolution using "SoRa mode", making this both a confocal and super-resolution microscope. The SoRa spinning-disk confocal microscope is equipped with an environmental chamber (capable of generating hypoxic conditions) and the high-resolution sCMOS Kinetix camera, making it ideal for super-resolution per resolution imaging of live samples (cells, organoids, etc.) with minimal phototoxicity. Unlike most spinning-disk microscopes, the SoRa is equipped with an Opti-Microscan Galvano Scanner, enabling experiments that require localized photostimulation or FRAP.

  • Confocal imaging 
    • (Yokogawa CSU-W1 Optics)
  • Super-resolution optics for 2x increase in resolution 
    • (using SoRa Mode)
  • Piezo stage with 600um travel 
    • precise, high-speed z-stack imaging
  • Live cell imaging 
    • (humidity, temperature, and CO, regulation)
  • Hypoxia imaging 
    • (N, regulation)
  • Opti-Microscan Fast Galvano Scanner for Photomanipulation 
    • (FRAP, photoconversion, photostimulation, etc.)

Instrument Details
Available Lasers

405m / 488m / 561nm at 100mW 640nm at 125mW

Available Objective Lenses

10x Plan Apo (NA = 0.45; WD = 4mm; Phase)
20x Plan Apo (NA = 0.75; WD = 1mm; DIC)
40x Sil Plan Apo (NA = 1.25; WD = 300um; DIC)
60x Oil Plan Apo (NA = 1.40; WD = 130um; DIC)
100x Sil Plan Apo (NA = 1.35; WD = 300um; DIC)

Available Camera

Photometrics Kinetix
- Back-illuminated sCMOS sensor with 95% QE
- Pixel size = 6.54m
Sensor Size = 3200 x 3200

Emission Filters

DAPI - 455m / 50nm 
GFP - 525nm / 36nm
Cy3 - 605nm / 52nm
Cy5 - 705nm / 72nm

Supported Samples

Slides (1 x 3 and 2 x 3; No. 1.5 coverslips)
Glass-bottom Dishes (35mm/60mm; No. 1.5 coverslips)
Glass-bottom Multi-well Plates (all well sizes)
Glass-bottom Chamber Slides (all well sizes)

Instrument Rates
Instrument Training
$110/hr (UArizona)
$160/hr (Non-Profit)
$220/hr (For-Profit)
Trained Users
$35/hr (UArizona)
$55/hr (Non-Profit)
$70/hr (For-Profit)