Scientific Review Committee

The University of Arizona Cancer Center Scientific Review Committee (SRC) oversees and ensures the scientific merit, priority, value, and progress of all cancer-related studies conducted at the University of Arizona.

The committee is responsible for:

Medical, scientific, and biostatistical peer review of submitted protocols, as well as other related discipline peer review including data safety monitoring plan, and investigational and/or standard pharmacy; this comprehensive review is performed on all new investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored cancer research studies, as well as on any substantive amendments to established protocols.

Trials are reviewed every six months for accrual progress. Review begins six months from open to accrual date in OnCore.

Principal Investigators are responsible for: 

1.) All principal investigators working on any interventional clinical trials whose primary aim is cancer related, or whose primary target population is cancer patients, must receive full committee approval from the SRC before patient enrollment. 

2.) All principal investigators working on any observational, ancillary, or correlative studies  whose primary aim is cancer related, or whose primary target population is cancer patients, must receive approval from the SRC Chair after an administrative review before submission to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). 

Types of SRC Review 

1.) Full Committee Review– to be conducted at a regularly scheduled meeting of the SRC

  • Investigator-initiated
  • Industry-sponsored

2.) Administrative Review/Exempt – to be conducted by the SRC Chair or designee(s)

  • Retrospective reviews
  • Observational studies
  • Correlative studies
  • Tissue/specimen studies
  • Case-controlled epidemiology studies


Meeting Schedule/Frequency

The SRC meets on the first Wednesday and third Friday of each month to review studies requiring full committee review. Submissions are due one week prior to the scheduled meeting.  

Submission Process

Visit the University of Arizona Human Subjects Protection Program Getting Started page  Getting Started | UArizona Research, Innovation & Impact

Documents Required for SRC Review
For full committee review:
  • Protocol
  • Investigator's Brochure (if applicable)
  • Team Resource Review Worksheet (if applicable)
  • Disease Team Flowsheet
For administrative review/Exempt:
  • IRB application
  • Protocol, if applicable
  • List of research personnel

Email submission documents and any questions you may have to The SRC Coordinator will enter your submission into OnCore and place in the queue for SRC review. 

Contact us at:

Linda Maynard 
University of Arizona Cancer Center Committee Coordinator 
Phone: 520-626-4246