Scientific Review Committee

The University of Arizona Cancer Center Scientific Review Committee (SRC) oversees and ensures the scientific merit, priority, value, and progress of all cancer-related clinical studies conducted at the University of Arizona.

The UACC SRC reviews interventional treatment of diagnostic or therapeutic nature as well as long-term population-based studies involving patients or patient samples. 

The committee is responsible for:

  • Medical, scientific, and biostatistical peer review of submitted protocols, as well as other related discipline peer review including data safety monitoring plan, and investigational and/or standard pharmacy; this comprehensive review is performed on all new investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored cancer research studies, as well as on any substantive amendments to established protocols.
  • Review of accrual progress every six months for year one and yearly thereafter for all open protocols

Types of SRC Review 

1. Full Committee Review– to be conducted at a regularly scheduled meeting of the SRC

  • Investigator-initiated
  • Industry-sponsored

2. Administrative Review/Exempt – to be conducted by the SRC Chair or designee(s)

  • Retrospective reviews
  • Observational studies
  • Correlative studies
  • Tissue/specimen studies
  • Case-controlled epidemiology studies
Member Specialty
Linda Garland, Chair Hematology/Oncology
Victor Gonzalez, Co-Chair Radiation Oncology
Hani Babiker, MD Hematology/Oncology
Pavani Chalasani, MD, MPH Hematology/Oncology
Setsuko Chambers, MD Gynecologic Oncology
Janiel Cragun, MD Gynecologic Oncology
Haiyan Cui, PhD Biostatistics
Lisa Davis, PharmD Pharmacy
Sima Ehsani, MD Hematology/Oncology
Lisa Kopp, DO. MPH Pediatric Oncology
Uma Goyal, MD Hematology/Oncology
Phillip Kuo, MD, PhD Medical Imaging
Alyssa Henglefelt, PharmD Pharmacy
Paul Hsu, PhD Biostatistics
Abhijeet Kumar, MD Hematology/Oncology
Amanda Arrington, MD Surgical Oncology 
Ali McBride, PharmD Pharmacy
E. Clair McClung, MD Gynecologic Oncology
Denise Roe, DrPH Biostatistics
Aaron Scott, MD Hematology/Oncology
Shethal Bearelly, MD Surgical Oncology
Alejandro Recio Boiles, MD Hematology/Oncology Fellow
Ad Hoc Members
Member Specialty
Sara Centouri, PhD Cancer Biology
Jennifer Bea, PhD Cancer Prevention

Meeting Schedule/Frequency

The SRC meets on the second Friday and fourth Monday of each month to review studies requiring full committee review. Submissions are due one week prior to the scheduled meeting.  

Submission Process

  • Upload study into Oncore, under the ePRMS tab
  • Contact the SRC coordinator at or Seth HollingsUACC Committee Coordinator520-626-3199and include protocol, IB (if applicable), IRB application, and list of study personnel

Documents Required for SRC Review

For full committee review:

  • Protocol
  • Investigator's Brochure (if applicable)
  • Team Resource Review Worksheet (if applicable)
  • Disease Team Flowsheet

For administrative review/Exempt:

  • IRB application
  • Protocol, if applicable
  • List of research personnel

Contact us at
Seth Hollings 

UACC Committee Coordinator