Thomas P Davis, PhD

Professor, Pharmacology

Tom Davis is Professor of Pharmacology and BIO-5 in the College of Medicine and Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Dr. Davis has been continually funded by the NIH for the past 38 years studying blood-brain barrier (BBB) physiology and pharmacology with an emphasis on the challenges of effectively delivering drugs to the brain in disease states. His research continues to develop “state of the art” methods/procedures/tools/models for the in vivo examination of BBB/NVU integrity, regulation of endothelial “barrier” properties at the molecular level, and how pharmacology of drug transport proteins (i.e., P-glycoprotein, Oatp1a4) is altered by pathologies (i.e., stroke/hypoxia, acute/chronic pain, migraine pain). Dr. Davis remains dedicated to maintaining the strongest basic science research program in drug delivery while educating and training undergraduates (40 to date), graduate students (17 to date), and post-doctoral fellows (30 to date) to advance the BBB/NVU field. Additionally, he is credited with the outstanding training and mentoring of several established blood-brain barrier/neurovascular unit (BBB/NVU) researchers.

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Clinical and Translational Oncology Program

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Thomas P Davis, PhD