Rui Chang, PhD

Associate Professor, Neurology


Rui Chang earned his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Beijing University of Technology and M.Sc in Communication Engineering from Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany and obtained Ph.D in Computer Science with focus on machine learning from TUM. He completed postdoctoral training in computational biology at University of California, San Diego. He joined Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai as an Assistant Professor in 2011. In 2018, he moved to University of Arizona as Associate Professor in the department of Neurology and the associated director for computational systems biology in The Center of Innovations in Brain Sciences. He is PI of Computational Biology lab in neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.

Cancer Focus

My researches in cancer investigate the molecular mechanisms of immune response in various tumors and interactions between tumor and microenvironment especially immune systems by leveraging computational models. The final goal of my research is to discover novel and adjuvants immunotherapy for cancer.

Research Program Role
Clinical and Translational Oncology Program

Display Name
Rui Chang, PhD