Marlys H Witte, MD

Professor, Surgery

Graduate of Barnard College, NYU School of Medicine, Internal Medicine Residency, UNC and Bellevue Hospital, Internal Medicine. Faculty: Washington University SOM and University of Arizona, Department of Surgery, 1969-present (Professor); Director, Student Research Programs, UA College of Medicine, 1982-present. Mentored hundreds of students supported by NIH multi-institute training grants since 1982 to develop diverse research workforce pipelines. “Women in Medical Academia” in mid-1970's and service reflect a long-standing commitment to leadership training, equity, diversity, and disadvantaged populations. Educational activities have an overlying theme of “medical ignorance” – “what we know we don’t know, don’t know we don’t know, and think we know but don’t,” aiming to nurture “curiosity”.

Cancer Focus

Lymphatic spread of cancer, lymphangiogenesis, benign and malignant lymphatic tumors; IBD and colon cancer; cancer and cancer treatment related lymphedema; lymphvascular genetics/genotype phenotype correlations; next generation lymphatic imaging. Co-organization of biennial International Congresses of Lymphology and Lymphatic and Cancer Spread Through the Lymphatic System/Cancer Metastasis biennial Conference.

Research Program Role
Cancer Prevention and Control Program

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Marlys H Witte, MD