Laurence H Hurley, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology & Toxicology

Laurence Hurley is Professor Emeritus of medicinal chemistry at the University of Arizona. After obtaining his PhD at Purdue University, he was a postdoc in the Chemistry Department at the University of British Columbia. He has held appointments at the Universities of Maryland, Kentucky, and Texas (Austin), and since 2000 he has been at the University of Arizona, where he has served as Co-Director of the Molecular Therapeutics Program at the Arizona Cancer Center. His long-time research interest is in molecular targeting of DNA, first by covalent binders (CC-1065 and psorospermin), then as compounds that target protein–DNA complexes (pluramycins and Et 743), and most recently as four-stranded DNA structures (G-quadruplexes).

Cancer Focus

Dr. Hurley’s present research interests are in the areas of design and development of antitumor agents. Most recently his research has centered on secondary DNA structures, particularly G-quadruplexes and C-quadruplexes (also called i-motifs), as gene targets for drug design. While he was CSO of Cylene Pharmaceuticals a first-in-class G-quadruplex-interactive compound (Quarfloxin), developed from this technology and licensed from the University of Arizona, was advanced into phase 1 and 2 clinical trials in 2007.

Research Program Role
Clinical and Translational Oncology Program

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Laurence H Hurley, PhD