Kelly Palmer, PhD, MHS

Assistant Professor, Health Promotion Sciences
Assistant Director, Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (IDEA), University of Arizona Cancer Center

Kelly Palmer earned a BS in Microbiology and Natural Science from the University of Akron, a Master of Science in Health Sciences from Indiana University, and a PhD in Health Behavior Health Promotion from the University of Arizona. Dr. Palmer is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Promotion Sciences at the University of Arizona Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health and the Associate Director of the UAHS Center for Health Disparities Research. Dr. Palmer spent more than a decade managing studies translating the evidenced-based diabetes prevention program and has extensive experience with lifestyle modification interventions for cardiometabolic disease risk reduction. She has demonstrated success with community outreach and engagement and strategies for effective participant recruitment and retention. Broadly, her research seeks to understand sociocultural influences of health behavior and to design and implement culturally informed interventions to achieve health equity for marginalized and underserved populations. Her research has examined the physical, cultural, and social environment of the hair salon as a health promoting setting for Black women.

Cancer Focus

Dr. Palmer is interested in understanding how to better engage underserved populations, particularly Black women, in cancer screening, intervention, and research. Her work is centered on the experiences and perspectives of underserved racial and ethnic minority patients as well as examining the social and political determinants of cancer health disparities through the socioecological model and community and asset-based approaches. Her training in qualitative inquiry solicits comprehensive personal accounts and contextual information that can help to improve interventions in cancer prevention and control.

Research Program Role
Cancer Prevention and Control Program

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Kelly Palmer, PhD, MHS