Justin Snider, PhD

Shared Resource Co-Director, Analytical Chemistry
Research Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences

I was raised in northern California and fostered my love of the outdoors in the Boy Scouts, ultimately becoming an Eagle Scout. I attended Washington State University to complete my undergraduate degree in Biology. I furthered my education at the Medical University of South Carolina and received a masters in Biochemistry. Later I attained my PhD at the Stony Brook University in Molecular and Cellar Biology. I have over 15 years experience with LC/MS assay development in Lipidomics, proteomics, and metabolomics. Previously, at SBU, I was also Technical Director for the Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility. 

Cancer Focus

Dr. Snider utilizes his expertise in mass spectrometry and chromatography towards assigning the molecular underpinnings of lipid metabolism in cancer. These pathways generate bioactive molecules that have poorly understood turnover and signaling potential. In his research, he has utilized isotopically labeled or odd chain substrates to tease apart the dynamics of de novo lipid metabolism and gained valuable insight into chemotherapeutics actions on these signaling pathways. Currently he is involved in biomarker assay development in prostate and colon cancers, employing untargeted metabolomics techniques to identify critically important metabolites in the progression of these diseases, and then developing quantitative assays for their analysis.

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Justin Snider, PhD