Justin E Wilson, PhD

Justin E. Wilson received a B.A. in Biology from Castleton University. He then obtained his PhD from Albany Medical College studying the impact of Francisella tularensis infection on macrophage antigen presentation and T cell responses in the laboratory of Jim R. Drake. For his postdoctoral fellowship, he joined the laboratory of Jenny P-Y Ting at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where his research focused on the role of the innate immune genes AIM2 and NLRP12 during the regulation of inflammatory bowel disease and colon cancer development. Dr. Wilson joined the department of Immunobiology as an Assistant Professor in June of 2018.

Cancer Focus

The innate immune system has a large repertoire of receptors/sensors that respond to microbial components and host “danger signals” in order to regulate inflammation and immune responses. The dysregulation of many of these sensors has been linked to chronic inflammatory disorders (e.g., inflammatory bowel diseases) and multiple types of cancer, including colorectal cancer. My group’s research focuses on how the dynamic relationship between the intestinal microbiota and these innate immune sensors regulate the cell signaling events driving chronic inflammation and cancer development in the intestinal tract. We seek to treat these diseases through the manipulation of intestinal microbial ecology, targeting of cell signaling and redirection of immune activation.

Research Program Role
Cancer Biology Program

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Justin E Wilson, PhD