Gregory C Rogers, PhD

Cancer Biology Program
Gregory C Rogers, PhD
  • Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

    Associate Department Head, Faculty Development, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

    Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology

    Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute

    Associate Professor, Cancer Biology GIDP

    Associate Professor, Genetics GIDP


BA Biology, University of Rochester
PhD Cell and Developmental Biology, University of California, Davis
Postdoctoral Researcher, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Postdoctoral Researcher, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Cancer Focus

My lab is interested in the molecular mechanisms cells use to maintain genomic integrity. This is medically relevant because genomic instability is a hallmark of cancer. Specifically, we study centrosome biogenesis and function by focusing on the master-regulators characterizing Polo and Polo-like kinase 4 signaling pathways. Notably, centrosome copy number is unstable in cancer cells, leading to chromosome instability and tumorigenesis. The mechanisms that control centrosome copy number and how they are deregulated in cancer are unclear.