Crystal Placencia, BS, CCRC


Crystal's education background includes a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and certification as a Clinical Research Coordinator(CCRC). She has worked at the University of Arizona Cancer Center as CCRC since 2015. Prior to working in oncology, she was a CCRC in orthopedics for approximately 7 years. "It is my great passion to be an advocate to the patients throughout the process. As a clinical research coordinator, I work closely with the patients to help them understand their role in the trial and guide them through each clinical visit. I look forward to the future that the Early Phase Clinical Trial Program will bring to the future of cancer treatment.”

Cancer Focus

The Early Phase Clinical Trials Program at the University of Arizona Cancer Center conducts cutting-edge early clinical trials across a broad spectrum of solid and hematologic cancers for patients whose cancer progressed on standard chemotherapy. Our phase I team provide patients with a comprehensive and unique care approach focused on cancer treatment, nutrition, optimal physical activity, and mental health wellbeing through diverse specialists and support groups at our cancer center. Our team is comprised of outstanding oncologists/investigators, investigational pharmacists, nurse practitioners, research nurses, and research coordinators with several years of experience whose main focus is patient care and providing best therapeutic options through discovery.