Ashley Snider, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

Ashley J. Snider earned her BS in Marine Biology from the University of NorthCarolina at Wilmington in 2001. She earned her PhD from Washington StateUniversity in Pharmacology/Toxicology in 2006 examining the role of phospholipases and lysophosphatidic acid in ovarian cancer. Dr. Snider completed her post-doctoral training at the Medical University of SouthCarolina in the laboratory of Dr. Lina M. Obeid studying the role of sphingolipid enzymes in colitis and colitis-associated cancer. She has held faculty positions at the Medical University of South Carolina and Stony BrookUniversity. Dr. Snider joined the faculty at the University of Arizona as anAssociate Professor in Nutritional Sciences in 2019.

Cancer Focus

The long-term research goals of my lab are to define the roles of lipid metabolic pathways, centered on bioactive sphingolipids, in intestinal inflammation and cancer and determine the mechanisms involved.

Research Program Role
Cancer Biology Program

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Ashley Snider, PhD