The Skin Cancer Institute

The Skin Cancer Institute (SCI) unites the University of Arizona Cancer Center’s many skin cancer prevention endeavors, bringing together innovative research, clinical care, education and community outreach.

The mission of the SCI is to prevent and cure skin cancer. We seek to bring together innovative research, visionary patient care, and life-changing education and outreach. These core elements define what we do and focus on our ultimate goal of reducing skin cancer incidence.

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Nosotros Committed to Your Health

"Nosotros" Committed to Your Health is a program within the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health developed to foster community-engaged research collaborations, service, and education to advance health equity within our Hispanic community. The program’s mission is to reduce health disparities faced by the Hispanic community in Southern Arizona by informing, promoting, and educating community members about disease prevention strategies and healthy lifestyles. Led by Dr. David Garcia, Nosotros has partnered with the Cancer Center since 2018 to work collaboratively with Hispanic communities and community partners to identify their most pressing health issues related to cancer prevention and control.

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Community Assessment

The Office for Community Outreach & Engagement of the University of Arizona Cancer Center conducts community assessments to help researchers better understand how to better screen, treat, and prevent cancer. This information also helps the cancer center identify the research needs and priorities of the community. To learn more or participate, contact coe-