Have a passion for sun safety and a gift for teaching? Join the Skin Cancer Institute Ambassador Program

Jan. 23, 2024
Four students encircle a person presenting a chart on sun safety. The speaker has her hair pulled up and is wearing a white long sleeve sweater.

The Skin Cancer Institute (SCI) is looking for volunteers to present sun safety and skin cancer prevention lessons to schools and community groups in Tucson through their newly funded Ambassador Program. 

Last April, the Prevent Cancer Foundation invited past grant recipients to apply for the 2023 round of funding, and they awarded the SCI a $25,000 grant for their Community Ambassadors for Skin Cancer Prevention Program. 

This program will teach community members about skin cancer and ways to be sun safe, while also training them to deliver these messages to others within the community. The SCI’s goal is to “spread the word” on how dangerous sun exposure and skin cancer can be, and to create a healthier community. 

The curriculum for the sun safety training already exists as a course at the University of Arizona known as Project SASS (Students Are Sun Safe). In 2010, experts in skin cancer, health education, and adolescent education developed this curriculum to raise awareness in youth and teens about the dangers of too much ultraviolet radiation (UVR). 

To learn more about the program, or to schedule a sun safety program for your school, contact Dylan Miller at dylanmiller@arizona.edu