Dr. Peter Lance: Celebrating 22 years of service to the Cancer Center

June 21, 2023


University of Arizona Cancer Center faculty, staff, students, and family gathered to celebrate the retirement of Dr. Peter Lance, June 8, at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, and to commemorate his more than 40 year career as a professor and physician scientist.

During his 22 years at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, Dr. Lance has served as director, Cancer Prevention and Control Program; chief cancer control officer; chief cancer prevention and control officer; and deputy director of the University of Arizona Cancer Center-Phoenix. Soon after coming to the University of Arizona Cancer Center, he took over leadership of the colon cancer prevention program project from Dr. Dave Alberts and saw the program through two successful renewal cycles, including completion of two Phase III randomized controlled trials.

Dr. Lance developed connections at Native American-serving healthcare facilities and successfully obtained NCI Moonshot funding to enhance colorectal cancer screening in this network of facilities. Dr. Lance has 120 peer-reviewed publications and has been continuously funded by NIH/NCI since 1991.

Reflecting on his career, Dr. Peter Lance said he was “enormously appreciative” of the opportunity to work at the Cancer Center and participate in its vision to advance cancer research and alleviate health care disparities. 
“This has been a wonderful place for me to finish my career," he said.  "I think Dr. Sweasy understands exactly where the cancer center needs to go. It's been a wonderful forum for intellectually curious individuals who want to make the world a better place."

We thank Dr. Lance for the legacy he leaves behind at the University of Arizona Cancer Center. His dedication to cancer prevention and control contribute to a storied history of medical breakthroughs at the Cancer Center and set a high standard for future researchers and physicians.