Ginny L. Clements Breast Cancer Research Institute

Mission Statement

The mission of the Ginny L. Clements Breast Cancer Research Institute is to provide the best cancer care for breast cancer patients in the state of Arizona and beyond through cutting edge research.

Breast Clinical Research Team

In addition to being part of the University of Arizona Cancer Center, which is the only NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in the state of Arizona, our breast program is NAPBC accredited (National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers), which involves meeting a rigorous set of standards to assure the highest quality care for our patients.

Our UArizona Cancer Center Breast Team uses a multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. In addition to a team of doctors and specialists, we have a breast cancer nurse navigator who works closely with each patient to provide education, support and guidance from the time of breast cancer diagnosis, through treatment, and ultimately survivorship. Our clinic also offers genetic counseling and testing through our certified genetic counselors, and we have a robust clinical trials program for access to cutting edge breast cancer treatment.

At the UArizona Cancer Center, we strive to provide complete care through our integrated breast cancer team.

Breast cancer is diverse. Some patients can safely be treated with surgery alone. Other patients may benefit from up-front chemotherapy, surgery and then radiation. Deciding which approach is best in your situation requires a closely knit team of specialists who understand the entire treatment process and have access to all of the available treatment options. Each member of the UArizona Cancer Center breast cancer treatment team is exclusively dedicated to treating patients with breast cancer. In the rapidly changing world of breast cancer research, this specialization allows our doctors to provide cutting edge care to every patient, every day. As a part of the NCI cancer center, our team has access to cutting edge research into breast cancer for our patients.

Breast Innovative Working Group

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Innovative Working Group is designed to incorporate an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms in breast cancer metastasis, with a focus on translating these discoveries to the clinic. The three goals of the initiative are:

  • To investigate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis.
  • To promote collaborative interactions among scientists and clinicians with diverse expertise in order to enhance discovery, diagnosis and treatment.
  • To promote the translation of discoveries to clinical application in the form of new targeted therapies, biomarkers and diagnostics.

Patricia Lorusso, DO, PhD

Laura van't Veer, PhD

Carlos Arteaga, MD

Anne Marie Mercucio

Ginny L. Clements Breast Cancer Research Institute News

UArizona Cancer Center to host inaugural breast cancer symposium

The University of Arizona Cancer Center will host the inaugural Ginny L. Clements Breast Cancer Research Institute Symposium on May 5 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Health Sciences Innovation Building Main Atrium.


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