Zhonglin Liu, MD, MS

Clinical and Translational Oncology Program
Zhonglin Liu, MD, MS


Dr. Liu is a Research Professor of Medical Imaging at University of Arizona. He has thirty years of research experience in nuclear medicine and molecular imaging with a long track record of characterizing and developing molecular imaging probes for studying molecular events of human disease. He has achieved in his research projects to radiolabel investigational drugs, antibodies, and peptides using Tc-99m, In-111, and I-125 for molecular imaging. As Director for Services in the Center for Gamma-Ray Imaging funded by NIH/NIBIB P-41 grant, he plays a significant role in disseminating of the latest technologies in gamma-ray and direct positron/electron imaging and making them available to a wide community of biomedical researchers.

Cancer Focus

Dr. Liu has a strong interest in development of cancer molecular imaging techniques. He made substantially efforts on imaging recognition of multidrug-resistance by radiolabeled monocationic agents using xenograft models of breast cancer. Currently, he is working with his collaborators to investigate radiochemical optimization and tumor targeting capability of novel cancer molecular imaging probes, including radiolabeled Arg-Gly-Asp peptides for detecting αvβ3 integrin in tumor angiogenesis and c[CTPSPFSHC]OH peptides for targeting of colorectal cancer from inflammatory sites. Using optical and gamma-ray imaging techniques, he is developing hyaluronic acid (HA)-based approaches for assessment of tumor microenvironment remodeling and modulation of pancreatic cancer and HA-guided anticancer drug delivery.