Susan M. Schembre, BS, MS, PhD, RD

Cancer Prevention and Control Program


Dr. Susan Schembre is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson. She is trained in human nutrition and cancer prevention. Prior to coming to the University of Arizona, she championed the importance of exploring the link between diet and cancer; founding The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Bionutrition Research Core. Her research focuses on using mHealth approaches and biometric sensor technology to assess and intervene on dietary behaviors and eating patterns linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity-related cancers. She has been awarded research funding from the NIH and NSF for her innovative research.

Cancer Focus

Dr. Schembre's research is focused on the prevention of obesity-related cancers, primarily postmenopausal breast cancer. She has developed novel methods for assessing and intervening on maladaptive dietary and eating patterns that are linked to cancer-related outcomes. In particular, she's interested in the role glycemic variability plays in the modulation of cancer risk and the use of glucose monitoring as biological feedback to motivate behavior change.