Lois Loescher, PhD, RN

Cancer Prevention and Control Program


I received my PhD from the University of Arizona in 2001 and postdoctoral training at the UACC. I have received research funding from the NIH, NHMRC, and private foundations. I am a professor in the UA College of Nursing (CON). My research involves UA multidisciplinary teams (Colleges of Nursing, Public Health [COPH], Medicine, and Engineering; and Bio5 and Dermatology), as well as a team in Queensland, Australia. Through my joint appointment, COPH, I developed and evaluated skin cancer prevention hybrid training for health sciences students. UACC activities include: executive board of the Skin Cancer Institute, Cancer Prevention and Control Program member.

Cancer Focus

I study cancer risk reduction, prevention and control behaviors, with a focus on skin cancer. My foci are: (1) Skin cancer lesion assessment by providers not typically studied, e.g. primary care providers and massage therapists; (2) Novel technology as interventions, e.g., mobile teledermoscopy (smartphone+app+dermoscopy attachment) to improve skin lesion assessment and increase provider and patient self-efficacy; (3) Skin cancer prevention behaviors in vulnerable and understudied populations such as Hispanic adolescents; (4) Evaluating novel skin cancer prevention training. My concepts of interest are risk perception, risk communication and risk reduction; cancer worry; self-efficacy and personal control; and technology acceptance.