MOTER Program

The Mobile Oncology Training, Education, and Recruitment (MOTER) program is an outreach initiative that introduces students to the fundamentals of cancer biology and research. We collaborate with teachers to provide hands-on activities that reinforce state and national bioscience standards.

The goal is to support and empower the communities of southern Arizona to grow their own cancer practitioners and researchers. We are dedicated to helping build a diverse workforce that effectively serves the cancer-related needs of all communities in the region.

Topics include:

  1. The Central Dogma (replication, transcription & translation)
  2. Mutations, gene expression, & tumor suppression
  3. Protein structure and function
  4. Experimental techniques (DNA sequencing, PCR, & enzyme restriction)

The University of Arizona Cancer Center funds the MOTER program. The activities are provided at no cost to schools, teachers, and students. To bring the MOTER program to your classroom, contact Clinton Owner at To obtain a copy of a brochure for the MOTER program, click here.