Faculty & Physicians

The University of Arizona Cancer Center provides institutional research grants for early-stage investigators. University of Arizona’s Research Gateway provides grant application-related resources for all investigators.

American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant -  This funding is intended to support independent, self-directed investigators early in their careers as they pursue areas of cancer research including basic, clinical, population sciences, imaging, and bioengineering.
Application cycles are on hold, pending renewal of the parent grant.

Clinical Scholars Program - The Clinical Scholar Program provides funding aimed at facilitating successful candidates’ careers as clinical and translational cancer researchers. The program provides intensive mentored support in patient-oriented cancer research to a resident, fellow with or a clinical faculty member within three years of completing training. Areas of research focus include 1) basic mechanisms of cancer biology; 2) therapeutic interventions; 3) clinical trials; and 4) the development of biomarkers and new technologies. Career development will include a designated period of didactic training followed by a period of closely supervised research experience.

The application submission and pertaining documents can be found in UA competition space at: https://arizona.infoready4.com/#competitionDetail/1857129. Applications for the 2022 cycle are due Friday, February 4.

Research Gateway – Proposal Development - This program supports investigators at every stage of developing research proposals.