Hopi Cancer Assistance Fund: “Climb the Mesa to Conquer Cancer”

The Hopi Cancer Assistance Fund was conceived by a former client who had cancer and who was experiencing fi- nancial hardship in meeting treatment needs. Part of the HCAF Mission is to have compassion and respect for all people afflicted with cancer. The vi- sion then was to be able to provide some monetary assistance to help can- cer patients with gas, food and lodging for appointments at distant locations off the reservation. In this way we can be apart of the solution to improve lives while instilling a better community understanding about this disease.

This 6 mile uphill course starts at Sunlight Mission road and ends at the Hopi Cultural Center; Participants will be shuttled to starting point.

All proceeds benefit individuals who are undergoing cancer treatment with monetary assistance for food, gas, and lodging.

For More Information or to Register Contact: HOPI Cancer Support Services; (928) 734-1150 or 734-1151


5:30 a.m. Sept. 29, 2019